Evolutionary Philosophy: The Funny Thing About Reality (PDF) by Brad Slingerlend
It's not clear if Evolutionary Philosophy is a widely used term, or if it is, that it carries a consistent meaning. When I apply the term here it is to indicate the application of the science of natural selection and genetics to the traditional philosophical questions of humans, i.e., "why are we here?" or "what does it all mean?" 

This paper is an early draft of a framework for Evolutionary Philosophy (the inspiration for the title of this website). The paper explores the paradox of natural selection - a system designed to maximize reproductive success gave its subjects the ability to learn. This ability to learn has given us the knowledge of natural selection itself. We evolved the tools to see the illusions created to propel our species forward. In the virtual reality game running in our grey matter, an easter egg appears that allows us to cut through the illusions of self, meaning, and consciousness. In discovering the paradox we see all that is left is creativity and compassion.

The link above is the second draft of this paper, edits are in progress. Please contact me with any feedback through the About page.